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8' Deer Fence Netting


Deer is a kind of tender animal so if we have to surround them, we do not need to use metal materials. Our factory in China professionally produce poly deer fencing net, it is a kind of polypropylene, via two-way stretch process and finally become different mesh size netting. The poly deer fence is very easy to install and what you need to do is set up the poles and hang them on the poles. We have light weight and heavy duty deer fencing mesh, you can choose which kind you need.
Material: virgin polypropylene
UV stabilized, anti corrosion
Width: 4’ – 8’ or as your requirement
Length: customized
Color: black, green, silver or any color
Mesh size: 2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm) or others
Weight: 30g/sqm – 200g/sqm
Package: By Rolls with Plastic Film

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