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Airport Bird Netting

The bird populations pluck the fruit seriously. To avoid harm, we can install the garden bird netting to make birds can't fly into the garden.
Garden bird netting is also widely used in airport. As we know, airport is also commonly used bird netting, under normal circumstances, the flight takeoff or the most likely landing suffered a bird strike. Because most of the common birds such as sparrows, pigeons, flying height about 100 meters. And the flight fly 800-1000 meters, they are likely to encounter an eagle or condor, the damage caused is relatively large. MoHoo Plastics Bird netting can help to solve this problem effectively.
Garden(Airport) Bird netting characteristics
Material: PP with UV stabilized, anti corrosion, long lifetime
Mesh size: 6mm - 50mm, or other sizes.
Weight : from 6g/sqm to 150g/sqm
Width:  0.5m – 2.5m
Length: customized.

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