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Flower Mesh Netting Supplier in China

FLOWER MESH NETTING By MOHOO company is a production for long-stemmed flowers such as carnation, gladiolus, chrysanthemum growth supporting net, is used to protect plants such as flowers, to prevent the collapse or broken. MoHoo flower net is a better substitute for traditional barbed wire, difficulties and greatly reduces the installation time. Flower mesh netting is a kind of plastic mesh made by MoHoo extrusion molding technology, the squeeze mode to ensure the reliability of the products to the greatest extent and the regularity of the grid size. Flower netting is made from high quality polypropylene, light weight and very high strength, elastic, crack resistance, UV resistance, oxidation resistance, erosion resistance to bacteria, resistance to chemical corrosion and mildew characteristics. MoHoo flower mesh is a kind of unique agricultural products and is a leading product in the market. After years of trials, few can rival product. 
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