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Climbing Vegetable Mesh Netting China Factory

Climbing plant support net is one kind main products of MoHoo Plastic Nets Co., Ltd. It is also called plant climbing net, plant support net, cucumber mesh netting, etc.
It is designed suitable for farming, with its low cost, does not rust, easy to install, easy to use to get around the farmer's popularity.
Generally use fixed number of year is 2 to 3 years. Plant support netting is one of the main products of our company, products using range is wide, long service life, light weight, low cost, greatly improving the plant efficiency. And get the farmers across the country are strongly recommended!
Color: white, black, green.
Specification: mesh size is usually 15cm x 17cm, 10cm x 10cm or others
Width: usually 1.7m and 2m
G: 8-10 grams/square meter.
Usage: suitable for cultivation of cucumber, string beans, peas beans and tomatoes, etc.
To view details see http://www.plastic-wiremesh.com/produce/plant-support-net/
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