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Screen netting&shade netting China factory

If plants can't adapt to light sensitive to heat, we need more shade protection to put spun yarn net be installed on the frame, replace the glass greenhouse shade board to improve the effect, can also be used for insect door (window) or use such as ventilation net board, net yarn can filter out about 50% of the direct sunlight, delicate plants provide correct sunshine and shadow balance. Based on the diversity of product application performance, our plastic mesh can be made into different specifications and properties, to meet a variety of special needs. Using thermoplastic resin manufacturing grid, with different appearance, strength and function, it can not only directly as a base material on the reverse osmosis filtration system, and can use its excellent strength and elasticity and other media do reinforced composite, resistance to fold. It is with high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, radiation protection, etc.
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