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China anti hail mesh netting factory

Anti hail mesh netting also called hail proof mesh netting, it is a kind of netting uses the chemical additives such as adding anti aging, anti ultraviolet ray of polyethylene as the main raw material, manufactured by the drawing of mesh fabric, high tensile strength, heat, water resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, avirulent and insipidity, waste the advantages of easy to handle. It is used to prevent hail and other natural disasters. Routine use of collection of portable, correct storage life can reach more than 5 years.
Anti hail mesh netting covering cultivation is a practical environment-friendly agricultural new technology, to increase production by overriding artificial isolation barriers, building on the scaffolding will hail from the network, to effectively control of various types of the hail, the frost, rain and snow weather and hazard prevention in the weather. And have pervious to light, Anti hail mesh netting moderate shading effect, create favorable conditions suitable for crop growth, to ensure that significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides in vegetable plantation, make the output of crops quality, health, for the development of the production of pollution-free green agricultural products provides a strong technical assurance. Anti hail mesh netting also has to resist natural disasters such as erosion and hail storm.

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