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Teach you How to Install Anti Hail Net

We adopt Anti Hail Net specification of 1.5 m in length, and the distance between the pillar for 3 m, so you need to connect the two pieces together, stitch is 5 cm so beneficial to hail from aperture place, not easy to pile up on the Internet will collapse, stitch too close packing of hail on the Internet, stitch is too loose in the windy day will cause the net the ups and downs of deform the mesh in the rack, Anti Hail Net can also be sewn in vega net, a 1.5 m to mesh netting with nylon thread or Ф 20 wire together.
1, after the two pieces of sewing mesh netting interconnected during erection, use nylon thread or Ф 20 fine wire, connecting the fixed distance with 50 cm advisable, according to laying take into consideration the increase or decrease.
2, to measure the smoke to the length of the first, is greater than the length of the length of the mesh netting, because mesh netting elastic, in pulling process, can not completely straight.
3, anchor, cement pillars when buried, had better use stones after extrusion, with ram will consolidate around anchor and pillar, prevent wind strut tilt.
4, bracket as tight as possible, when pulling on both ends for 1 meter, prevent the disconnect to reconnect after use.
5 and pillar had better be used asphalt after soaking, prevent corrosion, prolong service life.
6, the surrounding cement pillars buried a year, with for many years, the pillar can be used when using the buried.
7 and pillar top cover after laying Anti Hail Net maintain level.According to the impassability terrain using high buried more, the principle of low buried.Must ensure that the net 2 m or higher off the ground.
8 saw flat and pillar at the top of the before use.
Article 9, every year at the time of collection in each wire marked clearly with the tag.
Set up form: as long as there are three: (1) a flat.Suitable for larger area, ground flat vega.(2) wave (double side slope).Vega that is suitable for flat, high management level.
Set up steps:
Mark each rod (1) location:
A, the main stem.Ground vega in the corners of vega, vega anywhere with a slope.
B, side bar.The ground vega rod according to the net wide and determine the main pole distance, slope vega in accordance with the terrain and the main pole distance.
C, deputy lever.The main rod, side rod according to the square or rectangle diagonal vice stem is determined.
D, the main stem, edge rod anchor pit to anchor line 45 ° Angle with the ground, the best is not greater than 75 °.
Buried in the bar, the underground buried 50 to 60 cm, so that the net is apart from the ground 2.0 cm, not too low.
1, the scaffold erection
Will choose good wood surface is smooth, the top of the saw into the plane, the following cut into a horseshoe, underground buried 50 cm, to increase the stability and bearing Anti Hail Net ability.
2, constructing the mesh netting frame,
Brackets (post), with has prepared Ф 8-10 Ф galvanized iron wire or steel wire set up mesh netting frame, frame around the edges, vega first line adopts Ф 8, then on from the sidelines horizontal or vertical lines form a 3.0 x 15 m rack, rack tightener taut.
3, Anti Hail Net erection
Rack pull, lay has prepared Anti Hail Net on rack, flattening taut, on the edge of the middle and with nylon cord or Ф 20 fine wire fixation.
4, mesh netting
Anti Hail Net set up after use nylon cord to fix Anti Hail Net above, windy place fine bamboo or tighten thin stick with barbed wire.

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