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Gutter Screens Mesh Netting China Manufacturer

Gutter Screens Mesh Netting is also known as the gutter protection net. Its color is given priority to with silver and black, with polyethylene as raw material, it has a resistance, corrosion resistance and soft light, etc. Products are mainly applied in the water tank protection, prevent the leaves, debris, insects, such as intrusion, blocking downspouts, reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of the collected rainwater. The gutter mesh shape is given priority to diamond and square. Our main products with complete specifications and mesh sizes, and can customize according to the requirement of the customer to provide related products.
The functions of the gutter screen mesh netting are as follows:
1, effectively prevent the leaves, branches, debris and debris fall into the drain.
2, effectively prevent the possum, parasites in the roof drains.
3, effectively prevent the bird into the house hole and do nest in it.
4, help to drain water caused by too much water.
5, effectively prevent the snake lodged in the gutter.
6, effectively reduce mosquito parasite.
7, effective help filter the water floats.
8, prolong the service life of the drain.
9, installation is convenient, you can DIY, find fun.

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